Thinking About Buying Tires Online?

Before you buy tires online from one of the big online discount stores, consider what is NOT included in their listed prices. For example:

  Defer Tire Tire Rack
Firestone Precision Touring P205/55R16** $124.95 $97.00

At first glance, you may think you will save $32.95 with Tire Rack. But consider what is added after you purchase the tires:

  Defer Tire Tire Rack
Shipping n/a $15.39
Mount/Balance/Valve INCLUDED $21.00
Disposal $1.75 $1.75
Taxes _$8.86__ $1.59___
TOTAL $135.56 $136.73

When you take it all into account, you end up saving $1.77 per tire when you purchase your tires from Defer Tire. Beyond that, Defer Tire includes LIFETIME ROTATIONS AND BALANCING when you purchase 4 tires. With an average rotation and rebalance costing around $40, this will save you hundreds of additional dollars over the life of the tires. Contact us today at (330) 626-5295 with any questions or for more information.

And remember, Defer Tire will not be undersold on a comparable

tire package by either an Internet marketer or brick and mortar store!

**Pricing above is an example as of February 25, 2015. Defer Tire cannot guarantee this tire price in the future.